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Play’n Politics

This exercise was on Wednesday. We were separated in groups coming from the same country, and the main task was to make a little theater show about one conflict in our country, which took place recently¬†. Everybody prepared for it really hard, because everybody felt the importance of this roleplay. It didn’t only show our personal opinion about topics, but it showed our home countries’ conflicts.

The Hungarian team presented first. Their roleplay was about the Hungarian elections. After the first world war, 2/3 of Hungary got dis-attached, so many Hungarian inhabitants are living in the neighboring countries also nowadays. Until 4 years ago there were discriminated against their voting rights, but now they can vote for Hungary’s election finally too.

The Greek team made a show about the unemployment in Greece and the appearance of radical parties such as the Golden Dawn. The Turkish team presented about the conflicts in 2013 about the Gezi Park and the protests at Taksim Square against the government. The Danish team performed a role play about the homosexuals marriage and the religious acceptance of it.

After every role play we discussed the performances and the conflicts, it was really interesting to see, how the participants from the different countries reacted to the other countries conflicts. Every team played their role play twice, and during the second performance all participants were allowed to jump into the performers role, and act like they would have acted, if they would have been in the real situation and conflict.They had new ideas to solve the problems although some of the conflicts were already solved at the time of our presentation. This task represented to me the importance of dialogue. Not only between the participants, but also between nations. Often the out-standers are those, who have the right ideas to solve the problems. We shouldn’t underestimate the power of different opinions, they can lead us to the solution.