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Sayim Yildiz (TR)

Hello everyone, I’m Sayim from Kocaeli/Turkey.sayim

l was born in Adıyaman ,Turkey on 14/10/1987. I live in Malatya between my 5-20 ages, which city is closed to Adıyaman. I completed 8-year Primary School education and 4–year high school education in Malatya. After my high school education I left from Malatya for my university education and started to live in Kocaeli city. My university study was about electronic and computer technologies.

About my working experience; I have worked in computer technical services during my high school and university years. When I graduated from university I had an innovative brain wave about electronic and I wrote a research and development project to the government. They evaluated my application and I had a right to take governmental support for my project. I started as a entrepreneur and established R&D company which is working about electronic sector. Otherwise I’m consulting to the other companies for R&D projects also.

My professional work is very important for me because I can creat a new ideas about electronic this make me excited. But volunteering is center of my life philosophy. I started to work about youth project and volunteering studies when I was a high school student (was 16 years old). I worked, participated and organized a lot of project during that 10 years. I have been in local, national and international volunteering organization also. I have organized and participated some projects about religions, discrimination, human rights etc. Maybe my most important voluntary study is about children, teenagers and youngsters. I’m working as a volunteer in orphanage in Kocaeli for 5 years.  I’m teaching mathematics, English and another lesson to them. I’m organizing sportive activities and outdoor activities also. I’m starting an evs project in İtaly on May 2015. That project is about children education.

I hope this project will be productive and successful for all of us.

Best Wishes!


Aydan Yesilırmak (TR)

Hi everyone! I’m Aydan from İstanbul, Turkey.

I’m 27 and  I have studied civil engineering and mathematics at univercity10351593_10152213835781160_2602803231386520071_n.  Actually I have born and raised in İstanbul, but my hometown is Tokat. My family had moved to İstanbul in early 70’s and I also really want to explore Tokat’s grandeurs too.

I have participated to business life when I was studying at University, worked at billions of part time jobs  and had a chance to meet all kind of people around İstanbul (bad guys, good guys, half bad and half good guys J). I think Istanbul is a real complicated metropol, sometimes it’s so hard to survive. But if you manage to stay alive, you’ll gain lots of life experiences, know about all kind of people, can protect yourself from life’s disadvantages; so yes, you’ll be a some kind of Marvel superhero by living in Istanbul for about one or two months J I also invite you to Istanbul and let you to taste its great and weirdly beautiful  chaotic atmosphere. You should take up this challenge,  I’m for real J

I’d like to let you know about my personality more exhaustively. I’m a real movie lover, it’s a real Achilles heel for me since when  i was a kid. If my parents gave me an amateur camera as a birthday present, my life would be much more different than now, sometimes I really think about that. It is an really inspring anectode fromTarkovski’s or Kubrick’s  life, I’m not sure about that,  but they both are great directors now.  J So, I adore both of them so much(you may know that J).I also love Bergman’s movies, maybe Fellini, definitely Cronenberg and Nuri Bilge Ceylan from Turkey that you may recognize him as a 2014’s Palme d’Or winner with his movie named ‘Winter Sleep’.

When I was studying at school, i hadn’t had a change to participate that kind of volunteering projects –it’s a real shame for me- but after I graduated from university,  soon I became a real, dedicated volunteer. So I have a true excessive hunger about that kind of experiences, think I’ll do anything for your comfort and peace during your trip to Tokat, Turkey. It will be real pleasure for me.

Looking forward to welcome all of you and enjoy our trip all together.

Best wishes!

Burcu Bas (TR)

Hey all!

My name is Burcu Baş. I am twenty six years old girl, and I live in burcuErbaa-Turkey with my family. I graduated from ELT department of Samsun 19 Mayıs Univercity 2 years before. And I’ve been working as English teacher for two years. To teach, to help students, to experience with children and to eduacate is the highest wisdom in the world.

I describe myself as a helpful, cheerful, positive thinking,friendly and honest girl who is also open-minded to new ideas and who is eager to gain new experiences. I am also interested in the new people around me and work with children and young people in a community where people of different outlook on life. I like helping young people to become self-confident and independent personalities. I am pretty inquisitive girl and being inquisitive is a gift. A gift because there’s always something new to learn, you’re a student of life until the end of your life. As free time activities, I like reading books about geography and different cultures but especially books that help personal developmant. I also watch a lot of travelling documentaries. I am in love with movies. My other activities and interests include listening to music, spending time with my friends and family, doing sports. I also enjoy doing voluntary work because I want to make myself useful in the world and help others in need.

I also want to state that in your visit to Turkey, I’ll help you about translation for your communication with local people. You can ask help whenever and whatever you need about culture,language,information etc. I have been in Tokat for years,so I will be your host as a Turkish.

In my opinion, this project will help all of us to make new friendships, to gain new experiences, to share different cultures and visions. So, this is one of the most important part of this project. You know, most people in the modern society care about earning as much money as possible, I care about earning trust and skills, love and understanding. I care about the value of things, rather than the price. I want to help people as much as I can, and save them whilst being saved from the materialism that slowly incorporates the world. I always want to make a difference. I want to finish my brief presentation with my favorite quote: “A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.” So let’s know the value of our friendship altogether. Hope you enjoy your time in Turkey.

See you all soon!

Hayal Arı (TR)

I’m Hayal Arı. I was born in Erzincan,1990. I went to primary school inhayal Burdur, after when I started to secondary school we moved to Van. But it is not enough for my father we moved again Kastamonu,after than again and finally Samsun. Because of my father job,he works in goverment company and for that all of things. And now I’m a student in Ataturk University at Erzurum,departmant of medicine. This year will be last year it’s mean my sixth year. I’m a captain our faculty volleyball team and I interested in music professional. I joined a lots of organization during my universty live,about both the AB organization and the generally that’s title ”meeting the culture”,and medicine,patient,the people who needs help…. I like all of organizations like that because of humanity. I hope that this organization would be helpful for us.