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Planning visit in Erbaa

The partners of “The Dialogue Agents” met 1 – 4 May 2014 in Erbaa to plan the exchange in August. At the planning visit we talked about success criteria, the programme, practical arrangements, communication platforms etc.

Regarding the success criteria we talked about following:

  • Everyone feel safe
  • Everyone should know each other –  interactions across borders
  • We have gained a deeper insight in dialogue challenges
  • We change something when we go home – clear view of next steps
  • The exchange is focused
  • We have moved mentally
  • We have experienced something different – daily surprises and aha-moments
  • Active participation – all are included and everyone has a responsibility
  • We have learned something new
  • We have seen and experiences dialogue successes – seen how people create dialogue in other countries
  • We have broke prejudices and stereotypes
  • We have become better at language
  • We have been a part of the local culture