Hayal Arı (TR)

I’m Hayal Arı. I was born in Erzincan,1990. I went to primary school inhayal Burdur, after when I started to secondary school we moved to Van. But it is not enough for my father we moved again Kastamonu,after than again and finally Samsun. Because of my father job,he works in goverment company and for that all of things. And now I’m a student in Ataturk University at Erzurum,departmant of medicine. This year will be last year it’s mean my sixth year. I’m a captain our faculty volleyball team and I interested in music professional. I joined a lots of organization during my universty live,about both the AB organization and the generally that’s title ”meeting the culture”,and medicine,patient,the people who needs help…. I like all of organizations like that because of humanity. I hope that this organization would be helpful for us.