Aydan Yesilırmak (TR)

Hi everyone! I’m Aydan from İstanbul, Turkey.

I’m 27 and  I have studied civil engineering and mathematics at univercity10351593_10152213835781160_2602803231386520071_n.  Actually I have born and raised in İstanbul, but my hometown is Tokat. My family had moved to İstanbul in early 70’s and I also really want to explore Tokat’s grandeurs too.

I have participated to business life when I was studying at University, worked at billions of part time jobs  and had a chance to meet all kind of people around İstanbul (bad guys, good guys, half bad and half good guys J). I think Istanbul is a real complicated metropol, sometimes it’s so hard to survive. But if you manage to stay alive, you’ll gain lots of life experiences, know about all kind of people, can protect yourself from life’s disadvantages; so yes, you’ll be a some kind of Marvel superhero by living in Istanbul for about one or two months J I also invite you to Istanbul and let you to taste its great and weirdly beautiful  chaotic atmosphere. You should take up this challenge,  I’m for real J

I’d like to let you know about my personality more exhaustively. I’m a real movie lover, it’s a real Achilles heel for me since when  i was a kid. If my parents gave me an amateur camera as a birthday present, my life would be much more different than now, sometimes I really think about that. It is an really inspring anectode fromTarkovski’s or Kubrick’s  life, I’m not sure about that,  but they both are great directors now.  J So, I adore both of them so much(you may know that J).I also love Bergman’s movies, maybe Fellini, definitely Cronenberg and Nuri Bilge Ceylan from Turkey that you may recognize him as a 2014’s Palme d’Or winner with his movie named ‘Winter Sleep’.

When I was studying at school, i hadn’t had a change to participate that kind of volunteering projects –it’s a real shame for me- but after I graduated from university,  soon I became a real, dedicated volunteer. So I have a true excessive hunger about that kind of experiences, think I’ll do anything for your comfort and peace during your trip to Tokat, Turkey. It will be real pleasure for me.

Looking forward to welcome all of you and enjoy our trip all together.

Best wishes!