Sayim Yildiz (TR)

Hello everyone, I’m Sayim from Kocaeli/Turkey.sayim

l was born in Adıyaman ,Turkey on 14/10/1987. I live in Malatya between my 5-20 ages, which city is closed to Adıyaman. I completed 8-year Primary School education and 4–year high school education in Malatya. After my high school education I left from Malatya for my university education and started to live in Kocaeli city. My university study was about electronic and computer technologies.

About my working experience; I have worked in computer technical services during my high school and university years. When I graduated from university I had an innovative brain wave about electronic and I wrote a research and development project to the government. They evaluated my application and I had a right to take governmental support for my project. I started as a entrepreneur and established R&D company which is working about electronic sector. Otherwise I’m consulting to the other companies for R&D projects also.

My professional work is very important for me because I can creat a new ideas about electronic this make me excited. But volunteering is center of my life philosophy. I started to work about youth project and volunteering studies when I was a high school student (was 16 years old). I worked, participated and organized a lot of project during that 10 years. I have been in local, national and international volunteering organization also. I have organized and participated some projects about religions, discrimination, human rights etc. Maybe my most important voluntary study is about children, teenagers and youngsters. I’m working as a volunteer in orphanage in Kocaeli for 5 years.  I’m teaching mathematics, English and another lesson to them. I’m organizing sportive activities and outdoor activities also. I’m starting an evs project in İtaly on May 2015. That project is about children education.

I hope this project will be productive and successful for all of us.

Best Wishes!