Andreas Jørgensen

Names Blond, Andreas Blond I am dialog agent 007, I have a License to communicate!

I love dialogs, so here is a monolog… shaken -not stern!

Currently, I live at the secret Danish headquarters of the agentship in Annisse Nord, located in the city of Helsinge.

I have cand. Ingenting, and work at Gribskov Uddannelsescenter (a Center for youth edducation guidance). Where I work with social media. In Gribskov City council I was elected substitute for my party, but I don’t always see myself as a politician, the best way to describe me is as an artist. My passion is in voluntary work here I have done all sorts of things, it is an area where I feel like there is a difference to be made, basically I just want to make the world a better place to stay.

I have to go know, gotta go save the world another time!


More info coming soon..