The Cultural Boat

As a part of the group building activities the participants made the exercise The Cultural Boat. The exercise was about experiencing and reflecting stereotypes. The participants was divided into groups and each group got a label, e.g. religious people and progressive people. Then the groups got some time for preparing  – finding clothes, finding out how they speak and behave, etc. After that they got the task: ‘The end of the World is coming after 45 min. The only way to survive is to build one boat for everyone and to fit in to it.’

Afterwards there was a common reflection about the experiences and perspectives of the exercise. Some of the experiences was the direct clashes between the different groups and that everyone’s focus point was to protect their own identity and not solve the common task. Though, at last they overcame the differences and succeed with the task. The perspective was that the exercise indicated that you need to have a common goal if you want to create connections between people with different life stances. The challenge is to find that common goal.