Take a Stand on Dialogue

Wednesday there was an exercise about dialogue challenges. The participants had to place them self physical on a line depending on whether they agreed or disagreed on different statements. So if you agreed on a specific statement you placed yourself in one end. If you disagreed you placed yourself in the other end. There was also an opportunity to place yourself somewhere between agree and disagree.

The statements were regarding politics, religion, ethnicity and social position:


  • Everyone (also extremists) have a right to say what they want in the public
  • I would like to have a personal dialogue with a nazist


  • ┬áIt should be possible to argue with religious arguments in the public
  • There should be a clear line between religion and the state


  • Ethnic minorities should have special rights in the legislation, e.g. right to speak their own language and representation in the political system
  • Ethnic minorities should as much as possible adopt to the majority culture

Social position

  • The state should secure that neighborhoods are mixed with poor and rich people
  • The state should as much as possible secure an equal society regarding social, economic and cultural capital