Team Ycity (Denmark) is an organization founded in 2009. Our aim is to empower young people so they can make changes in our society.  The current democracy focus on the party political system – but what we want is a democracy where everyone take part in developing new solutions in order to handle the global challenges.  With support from Youth in Action we have implemented different projects where we have experimented with how to take part in democracy. The approach in our projects is to create an action community across borders and get the participants to experience how to make a change. You can read more about our previous projects at

Keçeci Köyü Ahi Mahmudu Veli Türbesi Yaşatma Çevre Güzelleştirme Sosyal ve Yardımlaşma Derneği Derneği (Turkey) is an association of small village that was founded in 2009. Our mission is to empower young people to determine a change in the mentalities of people from their community. We are  interested in cultural and social issues. We are trying to improve our skills by participating in different kind of activities (dance,folklor contests,conferences, debates, workshops, seminars etc) in order to have a better social awareness and to learn from the others mentalities and experiences. Furthermore to improve the quality of human life in the democracy,dialogue, cultural and educational fields. We have also coordinated different youth exchanges in countries of Europe, trough the programme Youth in Actions.

The Cutltural Association of Kommeno in Arta (Greece) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded in 1975 with the aim to provide a wide range of activities in the fields of environment, culture and arts. The primary target group is young people, aiming at their direct involvement in the promotion and enhancement of such activities The group relies on the voluntary work provided by the members and other active citizens.The Members work as volunteers for association for the same purpose. Every year, on August, we organize cultural activities (concerts, percussion camp, art exhibitions). The Association cooperates with local authorities and other informal groups in organizing social events and submitting projects.

The Youth for Dialogue of Cultures (Hungary) is a group of young professionals with different backgrounds. The members of the group convened to conduct educational activities and information dissemination concerning democratic rights and democratic institutions. Some members are independent experts, while other members are employees of NGOs which aim is to foster scientific education and public discourse regarding cultural relations policy. The NGOs’ activities are related to human rights and dedicated to spreading democratic values. We are focusing on global intercultural dialogue and forms of cooperation between intra-cultural entities, aiming to promote the protection of International Human Rights and recognition of cultural diversity and heritage in an interdependent world.