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Süleyman Aydın (TR)

Hi I’m Süleyman. I wassüleyman abi resim born in Erbaa, Tokat, in 30 August 1973. I finished the primary school in Erbaa, the secondary school in Amasya. I graduated from Agricultural and Cultivation Technical Secondary School and started to work in General Directorate for Agriculture in 1995. I entered the Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University, Agriculture Department in 1996, after graduation in 2001, I started to work in Kirsehir General Directorate for Agriculture as agriculture engineer.  In 2007, I was assessed as general director for Tokat General Directorate for Agriculture. After I left Tokat General Directoriate, I started to work at Erbaa District Governorship European Union Projects Office since two years, my four EU project were approved and I have coordinated them. I’m able to speak, write and communicate in English. I’m married and have two daughters. I believe that there is no bad religion sector minorities. There are bad people and good people on the World so we have to find the good people and cooperate with them for big piece of the World.