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Hayal Arı (TR)

I’m Hayal Arı. I was born in Erzincan,1990. I went to primary school inhayal Burdur, after when I started to secondary school we moved to Van. But it is not enough for my father we moved again Kastamonu,after than again and finally Samsun. Because of my father job,he works in goverment company and for that all of things. And now I’m a student in Ataturk University at Erzurum,departmant of medicine. This year will be last year it’s mean my sixth year. I’m a captain our faculty volleyball team and I interested in music professional. I joined a lots of organization during my universty live,about both the AB organization and the generally that’s title ”meeting the culture”,and medicine,patient,the people who needs help…. I like all of organizations like that because of humanity. I hope that this organization would be helpful for us.

Süleyman Aydın (TR)

Hi I’m Süleyman. I wassüleyman abi resim born in Erbaa, Tokat, in 30 August 1973. I finished the primary school in Erbaa, the secondary school in Amasya. I graduated from Agricultural and Cultivation Technical Secondary School and started to work in General Directorate for Agriculture in 1995. I entered the Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University, Agriculture Department in 1996, after graduation in 2001, I started to work in Kirsehir General Directorate for Agriculture as agriculture engineer.  In 2007, I was assessed as general director for Tokat General Directorate for Agriculture. After I left Tokat General Directoriate, I started to work at Erbaa District Governorship European Union Projects Office since two years, my four EU project were approved and I have coordinated them. I’m able to speak, write and communicate in English. I’m married and have two daughters. I believe that there is no bad religion sector minorities. There are bad people and good people on the World so we have to find the good people and cooperate with them for big piece of the World.

Emilie Marie Nielsen (DK)

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetHello there!

My name is Emilie, I’m 21 years old and I live in Copenhagen. I love reading books and poetry, doing yoga, jogging, playing with my dog, playing piano…  – in general just being active and nerdy. 🙂 I’m originally from the countryside in the southern part of Denmark, where I still love to go in the weekends and holidays to visit my parents and their beautiful old farm. My favorite thing in the world is nature and animals.

I study Russian and Eastern European relations at the University of Copenhagen. In september I will start my 5th semester. I find it interesting to read and learn history and foreign policy from different perspectives. I think we could learn a lot both as states and as individual humans, if we weren’t so apathetic to different norms and cultures. I’m looking forward to this project, because I hope, that we together can create some new standards on how we see and treat differences.

I also hope that we will have a super fun week and make friendships, which will last after we get home again, so we can spread the spirit of this project in our home countries. I think it is important, that we actually use what we learn in reality to make our communities more open-minded. I already have some cool ideas, and I’m sure you do to, so I’m very excited to share them with you. 🙂

Go dialogue!



Anna-Gro Kudsk Graubæk (DK)


My name is Anna-Gro Kudsk Graubæk, and I am 22 years old. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I study Mesoamerican languages and cultures at the university. In September I begin my third year, where I will study Comparative Cultural Studies, which I am looking very much forward to. After I have finished this BA, I will continue with the study of Middle Eastern Archaeology.

In my spare time I like to read and learn new things, I am especially interested in historical and cultural matters. I have traveled a lot, but I have never been to Turkey, so I am very excited about this whole project, and I hope to learn about new cultures.

I think this is a very good project, because dialogue between people, different cultures and religions is important. I believe that many things can be solved by dialogue.

I see you all very soon

Anna Merianou (GR)


date of birth: 28 august 1988/nationality Greek

Work experience:

(2010-2014) :Military Psychologist in Hellenic Air-Force Areas: 251 GNA Military Hospital of Hellenic Air-Force,Athens 123 PVE Unit, Tripoli,128 SETH Unit, Kavouri,414 SNEN Military Hospital,Athens

Main Services:

1.Provide assistance to soldiers or military officers with their smooth adaptation to the military life, as well as support to their families (face-to-face interactions)

2.The prevention of mental illnesses and their destigmatization.

3.The prevention and treatement of extreme behaviours such as suicidal tedencies, drug abuse, alcoholism and violence in the military, family and social environment.

4.The prevention and management of the daily work-related stress due to mentally traumatic events or military operations.

5.Provide phone counselling to soldiers,military officers,their families or other citizens at the helpline SOS of the Hellenic military forces


Master of Psychology, Aristotle Univercity of Thessaloniki (2006-2010)

Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) (2013-)

Certificate in Clinical Psychopathology Seminar (2013-14) Apolytirion: 1st General Lyceum of Lamia (Greece)

Mother Tongue:Greek

Other Languages: French (Delf 2nd degree) ,English (Cambridge Proficiency, C degree) Computer skills: Certificate of Cambridge Vellum (1st level)