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Anna-Gro Kudsk Graubæk (DK)


My name is Anna-Gro Kudsk Graubæk, and I am 22 years old. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I study Mesoamerican languages and cultures at the university. In September I begin my third year, where I will study Comparative Cultural Studies, which I am looking very much forward to. After I have finished this BA, I will continue with the study of Middle Eastern Archaeology.

In my spare time I like to read and learn new things, I am especially interested in historical and cultural matters. I have traveled a lot, but I have never been to Turkey, so I am very excited about this whole project, and I hope to learn about new cultures.

I think this is a very good project, because dialogue between people, different cultures and religions is important. I believe that many things can be solved by dialogue.

I see you all very soon

Jakob Villadsen (DK)

jakobMy name is Jakob, and I’m coordinator of this project. Since 2008 I have been project manager in Team Ycity and together with international partners and with support from Youth in Action, we have implemented the Ycity Projects since 2008. These projects have experimented with different ways of mobilizing and engaging young people in changes of the society. Some of the experiments tried to create a temporary city with the ideas and actions of young people. Some of the experiments tried to create an impact in the existing cities. The background for the experiments is the need for young people to take part in democracy – and develop new approaches for how we handle our common challenges across national borders.

Last year I finished my studies in city planning and social science at Roskilde University, and right now I work in a Danish municipality in the secretariat for the city council.

I think Dialogue Agents is an important project, because I think the ability to listen to each other is lacking in the political life. To often it’s only about ‘winning’ a discussion – instead of actually trying to understand the other person. To often the political discussions are not reflective – instead of beeing an exchange, and maybe a change, of viewpoints. I hope, we in this project can spread the approach of dialogue in the political life.

Planning visit in Erbaa

The partners of “The Dialogue Agents” met 1 – 4 May 2014 in Erbaa to plan the exchange in August. At the planning visit we talked about success criteria, the programme, practical arrangements, communication platforms etc.

Regarding the success criteria we talked about following:

  • Everyone feel safe
  • Everyone should know each other –  interactions across borders
  • We have gained a deeper insight in dialogue challenges
  • We change something when we go home – clear view of next steps
  • The exchange is focused
  • We have moved mentally
  • We have experienced something different – daily surprises and aha-moments
  • Active participation – all are included and everyone has a responsibility
  • We have learned something new
  • We have seen and experiences dialogue successes – seen how people create dialogue in other countries
  • We have broke prejudices and stereotypes
  • We have become better at language
  • We have been a part of the local culture