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Intro session

The Dialogue Agents started with an intro session, where the participants got introduced to the programme and different perspectives on dialogue. The participants also shared their expectations for the week.

Jakob presented following perspectives on dialogue:

Steinar Bryn – the difference between discussion and dialogue

It's about winningIt's about understanding
ConvinceTell stories
Get the opponent to feel unsecureGet the opponent to feel safe
Moral judgementTolerance
You are weak if you change oppinionYou are strong if you change oppinion

J├╝rgen Habermas

  • We need a public dialogue to make good society decisions
  • The 51% of the population taking decisions is not a democracy

Chantal Mouffe

  • Conflicts and disagreement are a good thing
  • We should make conflicts productive
  • We need someone to fight with, but we should concieve “the other” as an opponent rather than an enemy

Hannah Arendt

  • Talking is action
  • Public dialogue is power
  • Freedom is achieved in the public by acting together with others

The particpants had following expectations to the week:

What do I want to learn?

  • Info about politics and religion
  • Be able to be yourself
  • Be able to learn
  • Accept your and others cultures
  • Follow the energy
  • How to convince
  • To explore other ways of living

How do we secure a good and safe learning environment?

  • Communication
  • Speak English
  • Tolerance
  • Make information
  • Be honest
  • Transfer the learning to the big society
  • Ask questions
  • Be flexible to other opinions
  • Make other people laugh
  • Show our cultures
  • We should have fun and conversations
  • Be opponent
  • Respect and talk freely
  • We are responsible for each others