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Imre Burián (HU)

10487816_10204441070732640_49235668_nMy name is Imre Burián, I live in Budapest and I am 24 years old. I finished my BA studies at the Budapest Business School. After graduation I worked as an Audit trainee at KPMG for one year. I started my MA studies in accounting at the Corvinus University of Budapest in February.

I am really happy that I have the opportunity to be a part of this exciting project in Erbaa. I found the theme of this project interesting and I am curious about other people’s opinion from different cultures and countries. I think that meeting new cultures is always great, especially when you have a chance for that in an amazing environment like Turkey. Nowadays it is really important to learn how you can express yourself in different topics, while cooperating with other people. I believe this project will be useful for every participant.

Katalin Ludvig (HU)

Hello Everybody!Katalin Ludvig

My name is Katalin Ludvig, but call me just Kata 🙂 I am 20 years old and I study Business Administration and Management at Corvinus University of Budapest. I have finished my third year, so now I will begin to write my thesis about CSR, maybe about ethnic differences at corporates.

I have been working at a multinational company at the HR segment and at a communications agency. Now I am seeking for a part-time job, but maybe I will have already one, when you get to read this introduction.

I have been studying Turkish for 6 months and after it I went to a study-trip to Istanbul. I love the Turkish culture and atmosphere, therefore I am really excited to see Erbaa. I have been participating at other projects, the last time we went to Amsterdam.

I want to make this world a better place to live, and the only peaceful weapon to reach this goal is the appropriate communication between different nations, religions, etc. I joined this project to be a part of the self-conscious youth. I don’t want to be somebody, who is sitting at home and closing his eyes. We are the future generation, the future leaders, politicians, economists are between us, so it is our challenge to awake the youths mind and open their eyes to realize the problems and to do against them, to destroy the barriers between different people!!!!! Because difference should be a challenge, not a problem!

Panos Kontogiannis (GR)

10367163_10204211288069468_6768686683174804829_nHi all. My name is Panos Kontogiannis. I hold a M.Sc. from Leiden Universiteit in the Netherlands, and a Barchelor’s Degree in Sociology from Panteion University in Athens, Greece. Also, i have acted as an Erasmus Exchange Student in Jagiellonian University, in Krakow, Poland.

Although my area of work is mainly Politics and Foreign Affairs, having served in the Greek Embassy in Den Haag, I have additionally been occupying with projects that promote inclusion, youth engagement and active citizenship. Acting as the main representative of Cultural Association of Kommeno, I have taken part in different exchange projects related to the aforementioned values.

Paying tribute to the basic principles of Human Rights, and being assisted by my working background  in the Institute of International Relations in Athens, The Athenian Juvenile Court or volunteering with WWF and Doctors of the World, I believe that in can bring an additional perspective at the implementation of the project in August.

Looking forward to meeting you all,



Jakob Villadsen (DK)

jakobMy name is Jakob, and I’m coordinator of this project. Since 2008 I have been project manager in Team Ycity and together with international partners and with support from Youth in Action, we have implemented the Ycity Projects since 2008. These projects have experimented with different ways of mobilizing and engaging young people in changes of the society. Some of the experiments tried to create a temporary city with the ideas and actions of young people. Some of the experiments tried to create an impact in the existing cities. The background for the experiments is the need for young people to take part in democracy – and develop new approaches for how we handle our common challenges across national borders.

Last year I finished my studies in city planning and social science at Roskilde University, and right now I work in a Danish municipality in the secretariat for the city council.

I think Dialogue Agents is an important project, because I think the ability to listen to each other is lacking in the political life. To often it’s only about ‘winning’ a discussion – instead of actually trying to understand the other person. To often the political discussions are not reflective – instead of beeing an exchange, and maybe a change, of viewpoints. I hope, we in this project can spread the approach of dialogue in the political life.